For quality and affordable access to legal services, United General Insurance Ltd has the Legal Insurance Product. This product was first availed to the Eswatini market in the year 2016 and has seen a consistent growth overtime.

Types of Products

The Legal Insurance products are available in both Individual overs and Family Covers. All Plans start from E 10, 000 overs up to E 100, 000 cover.

The Following Are Covered In The Plans:

  • Civil Matters
  • Criminal Matters
  • Administrative Matters
  • Labour Matters
  • Accidental Death Legal Expenses Cover

To Join, Clients Must Meet The Following Expectations:

  • Certified ID copy of applicant
  • Completed Application Form
  • Certified copies of birth certificates – for children
  • Certified copies of marriage certificates – for the married

More details on the brochure available for download.

The Legal Insurance Benefits

Benefits 1

Face to Face

This cover offers Face-to-face legal counselling with UGI's professional legal team.

benefits 2

Immediate Access

You're granted immediate access to telephonic services.

Benefits 3

A Network of Attorneys

You have access to a full network of attorneys that can advise or represent you anywhere in Swaziland, anytime.


In-Court Representation

You're covered should you require legal representation in court or an alternative dispute resolution forum.

Legal Insurance Online Services

The details of the United General Insurance Legal Cover are all located in the downloadable brochure below. After you have perused the document and made your selection, start your application process by filling your details into the form below, and we’ll get in touch to complete your application and get your covered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Currently no other insurer offers legal insurance in Swaziland giving us an opportunity to claim the “First Mover” market share. We have already made tremendous progress in forging partnerships with other corporate bodies operating in the kingdom.

Absolutely. Before considering or initiating legal action, you must notify your insurer’s legal department right away—even before consulting a professional. The insurer needs information from you about the dispute to tell you what will be covered and to properly defend your interests. If you don’t get your insurer’s approval before consulting a professional, you could become personally liable for the costs.

Yes. Once you have notified the insurer of your plans, you are free to choose your own attorney. The insurer is not authorised to designate an attorney but can help you find an attorney practicing in your area. In any event, you will be responsible for negotiating the attorney’s fees directly.

Your legal insurance will cover the legal costs and fees billed by the professionals you have retained for covered disputes, according to the level of cover you have chosen. This means your legal insurance may not cover all of your legal costs.

You can do this via multiple channels, physically you can come into one of our office and pay at reception or you can setup a debit order using the below details:

Bank: Standard Bank Swaziland
Account Name: United General Insurance
Account Type: Current
Account Number: 9110001930225
Branch Name Manzini Branch
Branch code: 660564